Bartending Jobs - Placement Program


Local and Nationwide Job Placement Assistance

Bartending Job Placement Assistance Program

Every one of our bartending schools offer local job placement assistance to all of our graduates. Upon graduation, the bartender may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance.

Our Job Placement staff works very hard to help each bartender find the bartending job that they are looking for. Our schools typically achieve a job placement rate of 90% or greater for our graduates. Licensed schools must report their job placement rate each year to their appropriate boards of education. A prospective may visit the board of education's website to view this information.

During this placement interview, our placement staff will fill out a graduate profile card that helps us keep the graduates wants and needs handy.

Our placement staff will work to determine what type of bar each bartender wishes to work at. They will recommend bars from our current list of available bartending jobs to the student.

In addition, they will call students with new bartending jobs as they come in to the school if the job meets the student's requirements.

Our job placement staff is responsible for maintaining a current list of current bartending jobs for our students. Bar owners and managers regularly call our schools when they have an opening for a bartender. In addition, our staff makes regular calls to bars and restaurants to help them meet their staffing needs.

Our services are free to bars and restaurants, and we work very hard to help them meet their staffing goals.

Whether you want to work at a friendly neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name, or the fanciest hot spot downtown, we'll try hard to find the right bar for you.

Our job placement staff takes a personal interest in each student while they are in our school and understands that each student has a different need.