Realistic Bartending School Classrooms


Learn Behind an Actual Bar at a Licensed Bartending School!

Learn behind an actual bar from our qualified instructors. Our campuses are designed to give our students simulated, on-the-job training. Our classrooms accommodate our small bartending classes of 6 to 12 people.

Our bar stations have the latest Wunderbar soda gun systems, three compartment sinks, stainless steel ice bins, mixers, professional glassware, and liquor speed racks.

The students spends 75% of their time at our bartending schools making cocktails and practicing their new skills under the close supervision of our instructors. This hands-on approach is critical to building the student's confidence to a level to where they can confidently work behind any bar in their city!


Our students are entitled to unlimited practice time once they enroll in our bartending school. Students may arrive early before or stay late after their bartending class to get extra practice time behind our fully-equipped bars.

Extra practice time is not necessary, but many of our students tell us that the extra time behind the bar helps build their confidence. In our indiustry, "the best bartenders get the best tips!"