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Bartending Flair - Flip for Tips!

Professional Bartending Schools of America and it's staff have been competing in local, state and national bartending flair contests since 1993. Those of us who started learning in 1992 had only the movie, Cocktail and the corny (but effective) training video, "Olympic Bartending" by John "JB" Bandy to learn from. Many of these original flair bartenders like Alan Mays and Ken Hall created the moves and forged the way for today's generation of flair bartenders.

Many of us old-school flair bartenders still believe that actual bartending always takes precedence over showmanship. What good is it to flip a botlle and not know how to make a drink?

Flair bartending behind an actual bar with customers present is scary to many bar owners and managers. The potential for injury, breakage and spillage keeps many bar managers from allowing bartenders to practice their craft at work.

PBSA believes that working flair is not only practical, but that it draws in more customers and makes money for the bar and the bartender if done correctly. We strongly emphasize to any flair bartender that overpouring, spillage and glass breakage at work is simply unacceptable. We believe in practicing off-premise until we can perform a trick or move time and time again without mishap.

Three and four bottle juggling is not appropriate behind a bar with customers and glassware just a few feet away. Working flair is much different from competition flari! A working bar is no place to practice that killer new move you dreamed up!

Many of our campuses offer flair training to our students and experienced barteners for a nominal fee. Some of our graduates and staff have gone on to become some of the top flair bartenders in the country.

For those of you who know a little about "Legends", "Quest", "Bartenders in Paradise", "Battle of the Bottles", you will recognize three of our staff; Rob Turek of Cleveland, Derek Jones of Cincinnati, Randy Ruiz of Cincinnati who are all PBSA graduates.

Danni Rossi and Levi Donalson have spent some time at the Cincinnati campus using the facility to practice for Legends. Loyd Resor of Cincinnati has spent countless hours practicing and training with Derek Jones. Loyd is currently recognized as the top flair bartender in Cincinnati.

Danni Rossi, Rob Turek, Derek Jones and Roger Oldham have all been filmed performing working, basic, intermediate and expert level flair for an upcoming flair trianing program on 3 DVD's. This program will also be offered in an online flair school version coming in the second half of 2008.

Anyone interested in flair should check out the Flair Bartenders Assocation (FBA). Most of us who compete and all pictured on this page are members. A quick plug for our Bartending Store, if you are in need of flair instructional DVD's or flair bottles, speed openers or supplies, we have all of the latest items at discounted prices!